Mr. T's English class takes place in the lovely Panama City Beach, Florida.

Who is Mr. T?


A Brief History

     My name is Zane Turnipseed, but I very much prefer to be called 'Mr. T' for a few reasons. The majority of my life has been spent in Panama City Beach and in the Bay County education system. The bulk of my education began at Patronis Elementary, continued at Surfside Middle School, graduated from Arnold High School, and earned my Associates at Gulf Coast State College (Community College at the time). Then I took my talents to Orlando and refound my love for education while attending the University of Central Florida. Now I have come full circle as I begin my teaching career at Arnold High School.

     As for athletics, I have been involved with sports for a very long time. Wrestling has been  my primary focus and I am heading into my 17th season involved with this wonderful sport. The last six years have been spent as an assistant coach here at Arnold.

     Returning to education, I chose to teach English for some very specific reasons. The use of language in any society is fundamental for all things. There isn't a problem that hasn't already occurred and been written about. Reading and reading often can provide all of the answers to one's questions; even the questions one might not know they have. Writing is often a dreaded process for many students as well as parents. However, students don't realize how much they write everyday: texting, tweeting, emails, Facebook, Instagram and all the comment sections across the internet. More than ever our world is saturated with an abundance of writing and a need for expression. The youth of this generation are just as opinionated as any before them and should be given a platform to express, grow, and work through their own thoughts.