The Man to Send Rain Clouds Questions

The Man to Send Rain Clouds Questions

Read the following, then answer the questions below.

The Man to Send Rain Clouds




1. In your notebook, jot down your impressions of Teofilo's funeral.


2. Of the two kinds of ceremonies surrounding Teofilo's death - Laguna and European - which, if either, do you think is more important to his people?

3. Louise and Leon want Father Paul to sprinkle holy water on Teofilo's grave. Why do you think this act is so important to them?

4. In your opinion, does Father Paul do the right thing at the end of the story?


  • his attitude toward Laguna ceremonies
  • his attitude toward Christian burial
  • possible reasons for his decision


5. Who or what do you think is "in harmony with nature" in this story?

6. What do you believe is the function of ceremonies? When should a ceremony be changed, if ever?

Literary Concepts

A conflict is a struggle between opposing forces that is the basis of a story's plot. An external conflict pits a character against nature, society, or another character. An internal conflict is a conflict between opposing forces within a character. In "Coyote and the Buffalo," for example, Coyote's struggle to keep Buffalo Bill from killing him is an external conflict, whereas Coyote's struggle to decide whether to kill and eat the buffalo cow is an internal conflict.

Write the conflicts you see in "The Man to Send Rain Clouds," and classify each as external or internal. Are all the conflicts resolved? Why or why not?

Quick Writes

1. Assuming the role either of Father Paul's religious superior or of a leader of the Laguna community, write an evaluation of Father Paul, assessing his relationship with the community he serves.

2. Write a detailed description of a wedding or graduation for someone who has never seen one before. If you can, include and explain any symbolic actions, garments, or colors associated with the ceremony.

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