Monday 9/18/17

Excellent practice to improve mistakes that often leave Mr. T's face in his palm.

Excellent practice to improve mistakes that often leave Mr. T's face in his palm.

Write two sentences for each of the following words. Connect all of the sentences together to create a coherent story. Underline the "key word" that is being used in each sentence. These sentences do NOT have to be in any particular order. Also, using two of the words from below in one sentence doesn't count. There must be two sentences dedicated to every word for a total of 40 sentences. This Bell Work counts as 4 in regards to the 20 Bell Works summative grade.

  • Your
  • You're
  • its
  • it's
  • there
  • their
  • they're
  • to
  • too
  • two
  • definitely
  • defiantly
  • effect
  • affect
  • are
  • our
  • than
  • then
  • weather
  • whether

Friday (9/15/17) Expository Paper and Argumentative Re-Do Information

Bell Work:

Draw a picture, or group of pictures, that represents you in various ways. Write a half-page description about how the drawing(s) symbolize different aspects of your life and personality.

Class Work:

Different scenarios were explained for the students. In-class time for planning, outlining, and creating rough drafts was given. Remember, all papers must be typed and turned in either through email or printed. My email is

Here are the different scenarios:

  • If a student is happy with their Argumentative Paper grade, then the only thing that will be due on 9/22/17 is the 20-Best-Bell-Works.

  • If a student isn't happy with their Argumentative Paper grade, then they may resubmit it by 9/22/17 with an additional page. This means that they must turn in a minimum of three pages with the required corrections made.

  • If a student somehow failed to turn in an Argumentative Paper, then they will have the only opportunity of the school year to replace that grade. These students must write a four page Expository Paper based off of one of the following prompts:

    • 9/11 Expository Prompts [4 Pages / Double Spaced / Times New Roman - Size 11]

      1. Why does/should 9/11 mean so much to the people of the United States?

      2. Interview your parent(s) about the event.

      Write this like an actual interview and include: where were they, what did they feel at the time, how do they feel about it now, and answer these questions yourself. Explain the differences in opinions, if any.

      3. What was the fallout of 9/11? How did the nation respond and what are some of the effects of this event that we still see to this day.

      4. Explain a conspiracy theory about 9/11 and the negative effects it may have on victims and their families.

      5. Explain the medical issues that fire fighters have and are experiencing to this day. Talk about the issues with getting their medical issues covered through congress.

      6. Tell the story of a specific victim or their family member(s) experience during 9/11 explain why this particular story is important for others to hear.

      7. Tell the story about Flight 93 and what you believe to be the truth and why you believe that.

      8. Explain how our freedoms have been impacted since 9/11.

      9. Tell the story of somebody that was a “hero” on 9/11.

      10. Explain why it’s important for 9/11 to be taught in schools.

Thursday (9/14/17)

Bell Work:

Compare and contrast your classroom with that of your grandparents. What parts of school might have been easier back then? What parts of school might have been more difficult?

Class Work:

Revisit the topic of formatting and common mistakes in the Argumentative Paper.

Start the planning process for the 9/11 Expository Writing.

Wednesday (9/13/17)

Bell Work:

Share your thoughts on how the internet helps bring "hunches" / ideas to life. How can the internet be used as a valuable tool for entrepreneurs? Describe the benefits that this generation has now that previous generations didn't.

Class Work:

 Finish the documentary for any class that hasn't.

Discuss the outline for the 9/11 Expository Paper.

Talk about common mistakes made in the Argumentative Paper.


Wednesday's Work (9/6/17)

Bell Work:
Tell us who you believe is the greatest band or musician of all time? Explain why that band or musician is superior to all others. How did you first hear about the band or musician? What does their music mean to you?

Class work:

9/11 Ten Years Later continued.

1st Period stopped at 1:01:02

2nd Period stopped at 1:24:15

3rd Period stopped at 1:05:29

4th Period stopped at 57:13

5th Period stopped at 1:03:25

6th Period stopped at 1:04:56

Tuesday's Work (9/5/17)

Bell Work:

Why are deadlines so important? What are some of the typical excuses for work not being turned in on time? Explain why some employees or students believe they can turn in, or complete, their work whenever they feel like it.

Class Work:

Begin watching the documentary, "9:11 Ten Years Later"

1st Period stopped at 30:09

2nd Period stopped at 42:26

3rd Period stopped at 30:38

4th Period stopped at 27:10

5th Period stopped at 32:17

6th Period stopped at 32:38

Thursday's Work (8/31/17)

Bell Work: What is your life goal? What career are you working towards? What are some things you could/should be doing to make that goal a reality? Delve deep into each question and make sure you're always answering "why" for each answer you give. So, if you want to be a doctor, explain why you would want to be a doctor and the importance of that career.

Class Work:
Restate that if food/drink/wrappers are continually found on the ground, then they will no longer be allowed in the classroom. Also, students were informed that if they're dying to draw or doodle Mr. T will gladly provide paper for them to draw on instead of drawing on the desks.

Continued time to work on the argumentative paper.

Tuesday's Work (8/29/17)

Bell Work:
Should college athletes get paid? Argue/justify your point thoroughly.

Further discussion was had about the implementation of good writing practices for the argumentative paper. Papers are due Sep 1st by 11:59 PM.

My email is:

Argumentative Paper & Monday's Work (8/28/17)

Bell Work:

Think of a time where proper planning has made the difference between success and disaster.

Explain how you typically plan for important events in your life. Have you been effective in doing so or has it failed you? Reflect on the process.


Argumentative Paper Guidelines

  • Due September 1st by 11:59 PM
  • Two complete pages
  • Double spaced, Times New Roman, size 11 font
  • If you use a source, then a Work(s) Cited page is required.
  • Must be typed
  • Choose from one of the following topics:
    • 1. Dress Code (should students be allowed to wear what they want or should existing rules remain?)

      2. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?

      3. Homework should be banned.

      4. Physical education should be required of all students throughout high school.

      5. Students should be able to leave school for lunch.

      6. All parents should be required to attend parenting classes before having a child.

      7. Democracy is the best form of government.

      8. All citizens who do not vote should pay a fine.

      9. The US government should provide Internet for every citizen.

      10. People should be fined for not recycling.

      11. Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sports.

      12. A border fence or wall should be constructed between the US and Mexico.

      13. College should be free.

      14. The major religions of the world should be taught in school.

      15. Guns should be banned in the US.

      16. If Football is so dangerous to players, should it still be allowed in high school?

      17. How young is too young for a smart phone?

      18. Should the school day start later?

      19. Should schools be allowed to use Corporal Punishment?

      20. Are children of illegal immigrants entitled to a public education?

Friday's Work (8/25/17)

Syllabus quiz is being taken today.

Drawing challenge as well!

Have a good friday everyone and go support your Arnold High School Marlins against South Walton tonight at our first football game of the season!

If you missed the quiz email me to find out when you can take it:

Wednesday (8/23/17)

Watch this video first

Then, answer the following questions in Essay format (multiple paragraphs, proper MLA formatting, minimum of two pages typed worth of material). This will serve as your writing sample moving forward; a writing sample simply allows Mr. T to guage where each student is at the beginning of the course.

Bell Work:

  • What, in your opinion, makes somebody a "hero" to other people? Explain thoroughly.
  • Who is your personal idol/hero/role model? Write about how you came to know/know of this hero of yours. What made/makes them so great? What are some things that all of us could learn from that person?

Reminder// Syllabus must be turned in and signed by both the parent and student before any grades will be received. This means any assignments that come and pass will be given an incomplete and show up as a zero until the syllabus is returned signed.


Tuesday's Work (8/22/17)

Bell Work:

1.)    What grade would you like to have at the end of this semester?

2.)    Why do you want this grade?

3.)    Have you achieved this grade before?

4.)    If you answered “yes” to question 3, what positive habits are you going to continue to help you reach this goal?  If you answered “no” to question 3, list two positive habits you are going to commit to now in order to reach your grade goal.

5.)    How will a good grade in this class help you in the future?

6.)    In which areas do you most want to see personal improvement (expand your vocabulary, eliminate grammar mistakes, become a better speller, become a stronger reader, improve my public speaking skills, etc.)?


Discussed how to format a paper including:
Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 11

Spacing: 2.0 or Double

Include page number with last name next to it. Have your Name/Date/Period on the top left of the paper.


Monday's Work (8/21/17)

Bell Work:

On a sheet of paper properly headed, answer the following:

1.)    Do you feel your grade in English last year accurately reflected how much your knowledge base grew?

2.)    Were you happy with your growth in English last year?

3.)    If you answered yes to question 2, what did you do that made you successful in English class last year?  If you answered no to question 2, what did you do that kept you from being successful?

Class discussion: How can we apply Frost’s words in our lives? What point do you think he was trying to make?


Study the syllabus for the upcoming "Syllabus Quiz"

Read Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" and discuss how it applies to the bell work.

Briefly discuss formatting.