Thursday (10/27/16): 18th Century American Literature Cont.

Bell Work:

What are some reasons that you think people lie? Why would someone lie about their successes or something happening to them? Do you think people lie on purpose or impulsively? Is lying sometimes necessary? Why or why not? Explain a situation where someone might have to lie. Is a lie not as bad if it’s done with the intention of ‘protecting someone,’ or is it worse?

Class Work:

  • Students should be at least 1/3 of the way through their readings, notes, and questions by the end of today.
  • By 6 PM tonight their will be no more grade changes. FOCUS will not allow any changes to be made after this time.
  • Students working on the Ghost Chapters should be close to finishing their reading section of the assignment by the end of this week. Rough drafts should already be underway even if reading hasn't been completed yet.