Monday's Work (11/14/16)

Bell Work:

What is the difference between a protest and a riot? What is the purpose of both? Does either of these two accomplish anything? Why or why not?

Class Work:

Groups will divide their members up into one of the following roles:
Candidate: main person coming up with ideas, speaker of the group, in charge of revisions and final approval of everything. Should be a leader (keeping everyone in their group on task).
Speech Writer: works with the candidate to come up with speeches. Helps prepare candidate for debates by writing prepared responses. Should take notes on other candidates to use their words against them later.
Press Secretary: works with candidate and press. Makes advertisements, posters, slogans, and logos. Reviews all written statements to make sure the candidate comes off as likeable, knowledgeable, and charismatic. Helps candidate come up with ideas. Conducts interviews of other candidates.
Campaign Manager: organizes everything. Responsible for researching information for the different political issues. Also in charge of polling classmates to gauge interest in their candidate. Takes over for the candidate if he/she is ever absent.