Tuesday's Work: Test Review & Remind App Info (9/13/16)

Bell Work:

 Do you prefer cats or dogs? Defend your argument while attacking the opposing view. If you like both, too bad this is time to make a choice! Choose a side and do your best to make the other opinion sound foolish. If you like neither cats nor dogs, then too bad as well; still choose a side and argue it thoroughly! These writings should take up no less than half of a page.

Important things to know for the test:

  • Information about the Native Americans from the In Harmony with Nature handout.
  • Information regarding the Iroquois and their structure.
  • Creation myths: what are they? What’s an example of one?
  • What is a Tale of Heroes and tricksters?
  • Ritual songs and chants.
  • Make sure you have read both “Earth on Turtle’s Back” and “The World on Turtle’s Back.” Should also be able to differentiate the two.
  • Which groups wrote which stories?
  • How did different groups of Indians live (houses, lifestyles, cultures)

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