Friday's Work: Beginning Your Own Creation Myth (9/16/16)

Bell Work

“Scientists, psychologists, anthropologists and others have long debated which is more influential in making us who we are: nature (that is, the genetic qualities we inherit and are born with) or nurture (the environment in which we are raised). Which do you think has the greater role in shaping us? Why?”

Class Work

Make Your Own Creation Myth pt. II

  1. Finish your planning from yesterday.
  2. Show Mr. T your planning once completed
  3. Structure the story:
    1. What will be your opening line/hook? How will you catch the reader’s attention? Write a few options for the opening lines.
    2. Map out this picture and include each part you’re your story. Make sure you have something to fulfill each segment. (For example, under rising action what event will drive the story forward?)