Next Week (9/26/16 - 9/30/16): Workshops, All work due, last retakes/re-submissions

Next week is a very important week for getting work done. Not only will our Creation Myth Stories be due on September 28th, but all missing assignments and retakes will be due on September 30th.

Entirely too many students are missing either our test (given over a week ago) and our Steve Jobs Reflection (given literally withing the first seven days of school). I have provided numerous times for this to be made up including:

  • Before school every day from 7:00 AM until school begins
  • After school every day other than Tuesday and Thursday until 5:00 PM
  • During either first or second lunch as well

All of this coupled with each and every assignment being posted online leaves little room for excuses. If there are any issues I need to be contact ASAP.


Next week:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday - Workshop hours after school to work on writing one-on-one as well as testing strategies and reading techniques