Thursday (9/29/16): Reading Drills

Bell Work

What did you want to be when you were a little kid? Why? Is that what you still want to be? Why or why not? If not, then what do you want to be now? Would you rather do something you love for very little money; or would you rather do something you hate and make a lot of money? Defend your choice. Today’s Bell Work has a one page minimum.

Class Work

Tomorrow is the last day i will accept:

  • Steve Jobs Reflection - both the reflection itself and any re-submissions.
  • Native American Literature Test - both first attempts and retakes as well as missing work are by the end of the day tomorrow.

There is a very concerning amount of missing assignments and failing grades. Opportunities have been provided for 2 weeks now to make-up any missed work. My e-mail again, for those who need to submit work or ask questions, is

Remember there are no: extra credit opportunities, automatic 50% grades for missing work, lowest grades being dropped, or any curves. You get the grade that you have earned and are provided a week to get a better grade if necessary.