Thursday's Work: "Sky Loom" and "Hunting Song" (9/8/16)


"Song of the Sky Loom"

"Hunting Song/Dinni-E Sin" 



  1. What distinctive features of "Hunting Song" did you notice? Briefly summarize your impressions in your notebook.


        2. Describe how you interpret the process of hunting deer as it is portrayed in the song.


  • what attracts the deer
  • the hunter's comparison of himself to the bird loved by the deer
  • the use of the words "blessed" and "luck"
  • the hunter's feelings about the deer

3. In what ways is this song like a prayer? Discuss why the Navajo might consider this song sacred.


4. How would you compare "Song of the Sky Loom" and "Hunting Song"?


  • the singers
  • the purposes of the songs
  • the attitudes toward nature

5. How do the attitudes toward nature expressed in these songs compare with the attitudes toward nature common in American society today?

Literary Links

How does the relationship between humans and animals suggested in "Hunting Song" compare with the relationship between humans and animals suggested in the "The World on the Turtle's Back"?

Quick Writes

1. In "Song of the Sky Loom," the Tewa express a wish to "walk fittingly." Draft a definition essay describing how a person might walk fittingly in today's world.

2. The singer of "Hunting Song" attempts to draw deer to himself. Write notes for an inspirational speech in which you discuss how people wish for well-being or success.