Friday's Work: Group Story (9/9/16)

Bell Work:

Some athletes have taken it upon themselves to kneel during the national anthem as a protest against racial inequality in America. Do you personally believe that there is racial inequality in the United States? How do you feel about players kneeling during the national anthem? Should they be allowed to do this? Why or why not? Are peaceful protests like this more or less productive (useful) than violent ones? Argue each point thoroughly.


Groups of 2-4 (no more no less)

Write a 4 paragraph story. Each group member will be responsible for a different paragraph.

Each member writes at the same time not reading their group mates’ paragraphs.

The only way this will work out well is with proper planning before any writing begins.

This means you should discuss and plan before writing.

*If you were not here just write your own 4 paragraph story about anything you would like*