Thursday (1/19/2017)

Character Notes:

Abigail Williams - Rev. Parris' niece. Was a servant of the Proctor home. Fired after Elizabeth Proctor catches her having an affair with John Proctor. She is smart, a good liar, and very vindictive.
Rev. Parris - Minister of Salem's church. Paranoid, power-hungry, and self-pitying. Many do not like him. He is mostly concerned with his own position within the community.
Betty Parris - the reverend's 10-year-old daughter. Pretends to faint when caught dancing in the woods with the other girls and Tituba.
John Proctor - Farmer and Elizabeth's husband. A stern, harsh-tongued, man who hates hypocrisy. Cheated on his wife with Abigail and feels guilty for doing so.
Elizabeth Proctor - John's wife. Hates Abigail. Virtuous and cold.
Ruth Putnam - Lone surviving child of 8 attempted babies by her parents. Also fakes passing out in the woods.
Goody Ann Putnam - Thomas' wife. Believes her other seven babies were killed by supernatural causes.
Thomas Putnam - Wealthy and influential. Has a grudge against Francis Nurse. Uses the witch hunts to increase his wealth, property, and status.
Giles Corey - Elderly and fiesty. He was known for suing a lot of people in the town. His wife is accused of being a witch. Held in contempt of court and is covered in stones until he is crushed to death.
Martha Corey - Gile's wife. Accused of being a with mostly for being a woman who read too much.
Tituba - Parris's black slave from Barbados. Performs voodoo at Abigail's request. Only truth teller in the story.
Rebecca Nurse - Francis' wife. Wise and respected. Putnam family accuses her of being a witch.
Mary Warren - New servant to the Proctor family. Timid and easily influenced by others.
Rev. Hale - Expert on witchcraft. Is brought into town to examine Betty Parris. Relatively reasonable.
Francis Nurse - He is wealthy and influential. Respected by all except the Putnam family.
Judge Danforth - Deputy governor of Massachusetts. Honest. Known as the "Hanging Judge"
Judge Hathorne - Voice of reason. Largely ignored.
Sarah Good - Mentally unstable homeless person.