Monday 2/13/17 Seven Deadly Sins of "The Crucible" Worksheet

Find a different example for each of the 7 deadly sins in characters from "The Crucible".

Pride -This is the unwillingness to look at one's faults honestly. It can also be when a person places too much value on their own abilities or worth. This is vanity, and is often mistakenly called 'self-respect.'

Greed/Avarice - This is simply greed. This sin is the inordinate love of possessions and desire for either material wealth, or to gain more than one needs.

Envy - This sin is that of jealousy or perverted love because it is the love and desire to own what belongs to someone else. Envy is the resentment of the good others will or have received.

Wrath - This is the sin of anger or strong exasperation. Usually it evolves into an explosion of rage at something or someone. It is often the result of our impatience or of having our pride hurt.

Lust - This is an intense longing or appetite for something such as money or sex. It is often manifested in a self-destructive drive for some pleasure regardless of its value, merit, or legality.

Gluttony - This sin is manifested in someone who indulges himself excessively; most often in eating or drinking.

Sloth - This sin is the inclination to be lazy or reject a strong ethic. Man is to provide for himself and his household, and being idle is a contradiction to this command of God.