Tuesday 2/14/17 Philosophical Chairs Prep.

Answer the following questions to prepare for tomorrow's 'Philosophical Chairs'.

1. Do you think Parris was more at fault than Abigail for what happened in Salem?

2. Do you think Hale believed he was going to Hell for signing the death warrants of so many people?

3. Toward the end of the play, Elizabeth claims some of the blame for John's affair, saying that she was too unattractive to believe he would ever be faithful to her. She admits that "it were a cold house I kept." Do you believe Elizabeth is partially to blame for John's affair with Abigail?

4. Some argue that it appears that John and Abigail's affair was an ongoing one rather than a one-time mistake? Do you think the text points to an ongoing affair?

5. Should Ann Putnam have been tried for witchcraft?

6. Should there be a separation between church and state?

7. Should John have confessed and lived to raise his children?

8. Given the fact that Rebecca Nurse was so highly regarded, should more people have come to her defense?

9. Is our society more willing to stand up to injustice than the Puritan society depicted in The Crucible?

10. Do you think the girls started believing their own delusions and believed they actually saw things?