Board Game Criteria

Criteria for Game

  • Must be for two to five players.

  • Must incorporate at least 75 questions about the story. More may be necessary based on the format of the game. There must be enough questions to make it through one whole circuit of the game without repeating questions. Questions must exhibit a knowledge of the story on which the game is based.

  • All material must be school appropriate.

  • A rulebook must be created that includes the object of the game and a way to determine the winner of the game. All components should be typed neatly in a booklet.

  • Must take approximately 12-15 minutes to play the game.

  • Board must be student created.

  • Game pieces must be student created.

  • Neatness counts.

Roles for Group Members

  1. Person in charge of artwork/game board.

  2. Person in charge of writing questions and answers based on a story we have read.

  3. Person in charge of making the rulebook.

  4. Person in charge of making the game pieces.

  5. Person in charge of time requirements/flow of game (may also be in charge of game pieces, must step in when another part is lagging).