Wednesday (8/23/17)

Watch this video first

Then, answer the following questions in Essay format (multiple paragraphs, proper MLA formatting, minimum of two pages typed worth of material). This will serve as your writing sample moving forward; a writing sample simply allows Mr. T to guage where each student is at the beginning of the course.

Bell Work:

  • What, in your opinion, makes somebody a "hero" to other people? Explain thoroughly.
  • Who is your personal idol/hero/role model? Write about how you came to know/know of this hero of yours. What made/makes them so great? What are some things that all of us could learn from that person?

Reminder// Syllabus must be turned in and signed by both the parent and student before any grades will be received. This means any assignments that come and pass will be given an incomplete and show up as a zero until the syllabus is returned signed.