Friday (9/15/17) Expository Paper and Argumentative Re-Do Information

Bell Work:

Draw a picture, or group of pictures, that represents you in various ways. Write a half-page description about how the drawing(s) symbolize different aspects of your life and personality.

Class Work:

Different scenarios were explained for the students. In-class time for planning, outlining, and creating rough drafts was given. Remember, all papers must be typed and turned in either through email or printed. My email is

Here are the different scenarios:

  • If a student is happy with their Argumentative Paper grade, then the only thing that will be due on 9/22/17 is the 20-Best-Bell-Works.

  • If a student isn't happy with their Argumentative Paper grade, then they may resubmit it by 9/22/17 with an additional page. This means that they must turn in a minimum of three pages with the required corrections made.

  • If a student somehow failed to turn in an Argumentative Paper, then they will have the only opportunity of the school year to replace that grade. These students must write a four page Expository Paper based off of one of the following prompts:

    • 9/11 Expository Prompts [4 Pages / Double Spaced / Times New Roman - Size 11]

      1. Why does/should 9/11 mean so much to the people of the United States?

      2. Interview your parent(s) about the event.

      Write this like an actual interview and include: where were they, what did they feel at the time, how do they feel about it now, and answer these questions yourself. Explain the differences in opinions, if any.

      3. What was the fallout of 9/11? How did the nation respond and what are some of the effects of this event that we still see to this day.

      4. Explain a conspiracy theory about 9/11 and the negative effects it may have on victims and their families.

      5. Explain the medical issues that fire fighters have and are experiencing to this day. Talk about the issues with getting their medical issues covered through congress.

      6. Tell the story of a specific victim or their family member(s) experience during 9/11 explain why this particular story is important for others to hear.

      7. Tell the story about Flight 93 and what you believe to be the truth and why you believe that.

      8. Explain how our freedoms have been impacted since 9/11.

      9. Tell the story of somebody that was a “hero” on 9/11.

      10. Explain why it’s important for 9/11 to be taught in schools.