English 3 focuses on each century of American Literature and the various influences of our country's greatest authors. From Native American Literature to John Green, we cover it all!


Our Mission

Our mission is different from many other teachers; as English 3 teachers we have juniors who are getting dangerously close to full-blown adulthood. This means that we must encourage better reading habits, writing habits, and life skills. We focus on training a generation of individual thinkers who learn to question the world around them and, more importantly, seek out their own answers. By the end of the course we hope to have bettered our students in the field of English and life.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.
— Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani - Activist

What We learn Each Year:

  • Argumentative writing - students learn how to form their own opinions and craft pointed essays defending their stance.
  • Expository writing - students learn to create informative writing that both tells a story, and informs others of important issues.
  • Narrative writing - our ability to write came from the desire to preserve stories. Now it's time to create more.
  • Real world writing - we discuss and practice the different forms of writing in today's world. Including: journalism, technical writing, blogging, critiques, and the art of interviewing.
  • Fun in writing - we try to change the negative stigma towards writing by giving students interesting topics.
  • Better reading habits - we work on comprehension throughout the year. The easier reading feels for students, the more likely they are to become lifetime readers.
  • Vocabulary and spelling - in a time where computers correct us constantly, there has never been a bigger need for these lessons.
  • Collaborative work - writing is a group process in most forms of media. We learn how to work together as writer, editor, publisher, and peer-reviewers.
  • How to be a better student - we maintain college-level expectations and aim to prepare students for the real deal. Whether it's formatting or learning how to manage deadlines, we aim to emulate a top tier experience.